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Helps Increase Traffic & Sales
It helps attract traffic from different sources. You can drive steady traffic to your website 24*7 just from linking with other sites. This is the best form of advertising because it's 100% free. Starting your link exchange campaign also helps you get listed in many of the top search engines - again free traffic with little effort all equals more sales!
Helps Increase Link Popularity and Search Engine Ranking
Google - the #1 search engine on the net to date - to get listed with them and to achieve good results you must have, among other things, a high link popularity. This is a major criteria in search engine ranking algorithm. Link popularity refers to the total number of sites on the internet that are linking to your own website (they must be related in theme and have good anchor text). The more sites that are linking to your website - the higher your search engine ranking will grow. FreeLinkMarket System helps you to achieve all of this effectively
Saves You Time, Money and Effort!
FreeLinkMarket system can be set to automatic - saving you tons of time to do other things to help your business grow. You can run FreeLinkMarket System in full automatic and never have to deal with it - set the keywords you want to ban and never worry about a site you'd reject getting through, FreeLinkMarket System will take care of everything for you or you can set it to manual and just validate the links submitted - either way it's a great time saver.
Automatic Sending Of Emails - Better Communication
Automated email notifications for every step in the link exchange process. FreeLinkMarket System notifies users about a link exchange request, approval/rejection email to submitters, requests webmasters to add your link back if they removed it. All automatic email content can be customized fully.
Build Search Engine Friendly Link Pages
Our script is very search engine friendly, the spiders can and will crawl your site, whether it is in ASP or PHP. All of the directories are key word rich links and very search engine friendly!
Make extra Money from Sponsored Section
FreeLinkMarket comes with a built in exclusive section feature, partners can choose a package (option) and the script will handle everything from approving it adding their link remembering the time it has and removing it when their time is up.
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